How far in advance should I place my order?

Please place your order at oleast 5 full business days in advance. However, the farther in advance the better. Due to high volume orders, sometimes we do book up.

Do you deliver?

We do offer free local delivery around our area. We also offer delivery for large parties and events for an extra charge.

What can i do if my dog has allergies or follows a special diet?

As fur mom to 4 very different pups, we understand special dietary needs and allergies. When inquiring on an item, please list your pups allergies or special diet needs.

Where are you located?

Miami, Florida

What size cake should i order?

We offer 2 cake sizes, 4 inch and 6 inch. Our 4 inch is a great choice for a single dog up to 4 dogs. Our 6 inch can feed up to 10 dogs.

Do you do custom cakes?

Yes! We have done plenty of custom cakes to match party themes. We love when our fur parents get creative!

Can I eat my dogs cake?

YES! We only use organic human grade ingrediants. However, to stay on your dogs good side we dont recommned it. (its also not the best tasting for us humans)


Address: From Our Home to

Your Pets Belly

Miami, Florida 33165

Phone: 305-783-9290

Email:  thewagginbarkery@gmail.com

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